Friday, November 4, 2016

Simply trusting God

I've sung it many times. "Trusting as the moments fly, trusting as the days go by. Trusting Him whate'er befall. Trusting Jesus that is all." And I know it is simple to trust God, but sometimes, even the simple things get complicated.

When David was told that his son with Bathsheba would die because of his sin, he fasted and prayed. When he was told that his son was dead, he arose and cleaned up and ate. Why? His answer was because of his simple trust. While his son was yet alive, there was hope in this life for God to change His mind. After his son was dead, his hope was in the life to come - "I will go to him."

For us, it is complicated because the surgeon and cardiologists are the ones saying our son will not live long (months, not years.) We do not know what God's answer is yet, but as with David, as long as Timmy is with us, we have hope in both this life and the life to come. For this life, it will take a miracle - for God to show up in an amazing way! Simple to just trust Him, but terrifying at the same time. Because while we are praying for a miracle, we are also praying that God would be glorified. That part involves what Jesus prayed in the garden, "not my will but thine."

I told the cardiologist yesterday that we are not giving up hope. That we still don't know what God's answer is. I also told him that we are not delusional, we know how serious this is, and God's answer may be the same as the surgeon.

So, the simple part - we are praying for a miracle. The simple part - we will love on our whole family. The simple part - we will cling to God.

But it does get complicated. We want to be ready to give God the glory whatever befall. That is "all," but that is beyond me.

For our part, we have t-shirts proclaiming our trust in God for Timmy that came yesterday. I have cards coming to give to Timmy's doctors and nurses with psalm 9:1 and the blog address to follow our path and Timmy's in the coming days. And we will be praying. Pleading with God, yet trusting God. Simple.

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  1. I am a friend of Jeff and Rachel Mohl. They no how many times I've been in situations where all I could do is "Simply trust GOD." He's never failed me. We can't know exactly what GOD has in mind here but we do know that in His great wisdom and love for us - He will be with Timmy through it all and with you (Kevin & Jennifer) and all those who love you. Your faith in GOD will bring you through it all, no matter what the outcome. May the grace and peace of GOD that passes all understanding carry you through the hours and days ahead. I am praying for you and I will summon those who surround me with prayer to pray for all of you. Have faith and do not doubt. Be strong and courageous and above all stand. (Ephesians 6 - The Whole Armor of GOD) ~Pastor Chris