Friday, November 3, 2017


A year ago. It seems so far removed from today, but the memories are still relatively fresh.

Today was the original date scheduled for Timmy's heart surgery.

It became the day we met with the surgeon to hear him say that surgery wasn't possible.

He also told us Timmy would likely not survive the winter as a cold would probably kill him.

But, here we are, 12 months later.

And today, we go meet with Timmy's cardiologist.

We've stopped wondering if maybe this appointment we'll hear that surgery is possible.

We've stopped wondering if this appointment might result in him going back to the hospital.

While not nearly so earth shaking, we're hoping to adjust some medications today.

Other than that, no worries, no hopes. Because our son is still with us, and that is better than any news the Doctor can give us. We are blessed, and even celebrating this anniversary by remembering a year ago, is a pleasant thing to celebrate.

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  1. We are continually blessed by the choice of God to do amazing things through your Timmy. Truly each child is a gift from the Lord.