Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Not encouraging, but not without hope

No real news again today. His weight is holding steady still, despite being on the ventilator and maximum feeds for his size. He remains in heart failure status, with that number going up and down, but staying in the bad range. They have everything else balanced where they want it, so Timmy is quite the mystery for the team here.

As far as we know, the echo didn't get done yesterday, but maybe today. The discussion didn't happen yesterday either, since the surgeon was in surgery. It won't happen today because the surgeon is off today, so it will be tomorrow. (At least that was what we were told.) So, my plans to stay Monday night to be sure to be here for the results of that discussion didn't work out as planned.

All told, I guess it has not been an encouraging start to the week. We are not without hope, of course, but continue to learn there is much outside of our controll. We are still praying about the results of their discussion, praying for healing for Timmy, and praying for God to be glorified.

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