Thursday, December 14, 2017

Timmy pictures to brighten your evening.

Good timing makes a good picture. This one was snapped in the split second between grabbing the crayon, and flinging the crayon across the room.

Older brother helping Timmy color.

Timmy enjoying his "Tubie Friend" - a custom made stuffed animal for Timmy with his usual equipment. It was ordered before he has been able to be off of oxygen regularly now. If you're into sewing and looking for a service opportunity, Tubie friends uses volunteer surgeons to make the friends and provides the materials to do it.We paid the volunteer donation to cover the cost of ours and shipping charges, but they will give them to children who request them. I think they may get a discount on "Build-A-Bear" stuffed animals (or donations). This one came with a card that had a favorite verse from the Psalms on it. "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." 

As far as being off oxygen, the VNA nurse noticed that his heart sounded less "Timmy-like" on her last visit yesterday. His normal beat is more like a galloping horse than a regular heart beat, but not recently. What does this mean? We don't know, but there are 2 possibilities that we can think of. Possibility #1 - in switching one of his medications, it is helping his blood pressure in a way that evens out the pressures between the chambers of his heart and there is less 'backwash' between the sides. Possibility #2 - is that his heart is just working better due to how his heart is growing or due to some level of healing of his heart. In either case, we are grateful to God that even as good as he has been looking (add the doctor that delivered Timmy to the list who have said it), improvements in any area are still a welcome blessing. Timmy has been throwing up quite a bit the last day or so, so he may be fighting off a stomach illness, but he has had an increase of energy lately (even while sick) that has come with his heart sounding better. 

I started to just post a picture update, not thinking there was much to update, but I guess there was. Been a busy few days around here, and it is good to stop and think about the good news.