Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Life with Timmy, what's not to love?

It is great to see Timmy continuing to grow and develop. Some things don't change: he is still on several medicines, he still has a major heart issue that is not a good candidate for surgery, he still needs oxygen to keep his oxygen sats over 70% most of the time, he is still being fed by a g-tube, and he is still a great joy in our home.

Some things continue to change: he is sitting up for longer and meeting every goal the therapists set for him, he has been sleeping better through the night again, he is getting faster at rolling around the room (especially when getting 'chased' by daddy with the hair clippers - sorry, no new picture since last night's trim), and we have removed 2 supplements from his medicine list (as per his cardiologist).

But here he is playing like a champ!

And smiling like a champ! (He's always had a great smile)

Actually, several of them.

Such a silly boy.

The kids love playing with him and reading to him, as well. Even if the child doing the reading doesn't actually read, yet.

His pillow helps support him and make it safer to leave his side while he is sitting, and his toy (a gift from his speech therapist) keeps him pretty occupied.