Saturday, October 21, 2017

He's feeling better than he looks.

I've always seen the comparison between the way parents react to the first child vs. the 3rd or 4th child. You know: First child sniffles - call the doctor, third child gets a 4 inch cut on their head - here, put on this bandage and take some ibuprofen. 

This week, we show how the ninth child does in these scenarios. Timmy broke out in a rash of sorts this week. It could be something similar to fifths disease or hand, foot, and mouth, or it could be something similar to chicken pox, or mumps or something. Anyway, we recognize it as some virus driven rash that Timmy is fighting, we treat him at home, and he is bouncing back very well. He really only had a day or two that were rough, and then he bounced back. Despite all the spots, he hasn't been itching at them, and aside from a small fever, hasn't shown any problems other than the spots.

Less than a year ago, we were told a cold could kill him because he was so weak. Now, he just adds to his list of things he has fought off. Still not sure what to label this one, but we're good with that. This is one strong boy, and we praise God for every miracle we see through him.

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