Friday, November 3, 2017

Another good visit with the cardiologist

We only go every 3-4 months anymore. There aren't as many tests run, either. They check his weight, his oxygen sats, and the doctor checks him over and listens to his heart. 

I remember going to cardiologist visits hoping for a new test result, hoping for a change in Timmy's heart that would allow for a surgery. While that would have been nice, we've learned to enjoy the incredible answer to prayer that was different than what we were asking for. I often marvel at how often people answer another person's question by answering a different question. "What do you want for dinner?" "We had fish for lunch." It may answer the question, in a weird sort of way, but it comes from anticipating why the question was asked. Often, the answer doesn't actually answer the question. In this case, we asked God to heal Timmy's heart. His answer has been "He's doing just fine." In this case, the answer to a different question answered the question behind our request to heal Timmy's heart. Our desire was that Timmy would be OK. God's answer has been that Timmy is OK. A different road to the solution we really wanted. We are blessed. Today, the cardiologist told us about another patient who is similar to Timmy, but with more 'problems' in his medical file. This other child, with sats lower than Timmy, is an active teenager who plays basketball. I don't know what life will look like for Timmy, but God keeps reminding us that His options for Timmy are more than the doctors can see, and more than the sum of his diagnoses.

The outcome of today's visit? Well, we got rid of another supplement, we're going to change out a diuretic for a once a day medication (instead of 3 times a day), and we're dropping to just two times of giving medications a day. We left the hospital with 6 medication times a day, we had dropped to 5 times, and are happy to drop down to twice a day meds.

And as always, doc says Timmy looks great!

We are blessed!

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