Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Never a boring day, but not much excitement

I do not miss the days of multiple blog posts in a day. I don't even miss the days of daily blog posts. I do apologize for going so long between posts, but between not much excitement (a definite praise), and  never actually being bored, the blog takes a back seat to life.

With that said - there is actually stuff to report. Timmy has met his therapists. Kim for Speech, Katie for Occupational Therapy, and Sarah for Physical Therapy. Speech is concerned with all things oral - speech and eating by mouth in particular. OT and PT overlap a lot at present, but having multiple people working with us gives us more ideas of how to work with Timmy during the week. All three therapists are wonderful with Timmy, seem very competent in their knowledge and abilities, and seem to fit into our home nicely (There probably is a better way to express that, but having therapists that are easy to talk with and are personable makes this whole 'having multiple people into the house every week' thing much easier to handle).

As far as therapy is concerned, Timmy is improving in his sitting, reaching and rolling skills all the time. His full-time in-house therapist works with him and enjoys showing off his victories when Timmy's other therapists come to visit. At times he is vocalizing more, grabbing more things, and shoving things in his mouth (which makes Kim - the speech therapist) happy. In the next week or so, we may even try to introduce foods orally again, so progress on many fronts.

It seems with every advance, we have little set backs. We haven't figured out if it is allergies or a summer cold, but congestion has hit in the house, and afflicted Timmy as well. His breathing is a little more labored and we have a little more added to his care routine, but so far he is handling it all in stride.

I will hope to update sooner next time, but VBS starts up next week, so I will not make any promises. Thank you all for your concern, interest and prayers on Timmy's behalf as well as ours. We can't help but be grateful for the great support we have.

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