Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Continued Progress

Therapy continues for Timmy with PT, OT and Speech on a weekly basis. What is shared with us gets worked on through the week with Timmy and he has been growing and developing well over the last few weeks. 

As far as praises: Timmy is continuing to gain weight even as we have adjusted his feeding schedule and no longer gets feeds through the night. He has a feeding before bed and then gets food in the morning with his 6:00 medications. Even with leaving a 10 hour gap between night time feeds, we are able to get enough food in him to meet his needs and keep him gaining. Primarily, this is because we have gone toward using more real food over the formulas. We can give him a formula and it will persist in his stomach for hours - making him full and unable to take more food in, but when we give him real foods (chicken, avocado, berries, fruits, sweet potatoes, etc) he is able to process the food better and he is able to handle a larger volume of food. The nutritionist set 650 ml as the volume goal for Timmy until our next appointment. As of tomorrow, we will be 5 weeks until the next nutritionist visit, and Jen has Timmy's feedings up to around 730 ml. The closer we are to 1000, to more likely the nutritionist will be to order the whole food enteral 'formula' for Timmy. It is a completely balanced food for people with g-tubes made from real food. We can work on doing that ourselves with blending Timmy's food for him (which we are doing already somewhat), but with Timmy's health needs, a well balanced diet is more important to his growth and development, and the real food formula would make sure we had all the bases covered.

Also, therapy is going well and Timmy is taking off in leaps and bounds. Well, his leaps and bounds include sitting and rolling over, but they make us happy - and apparently they make him happy, too. Actually, this picture of Timmy sitting without being held or being assisted (even if it is for very short periods of time), brings us a lot of joy. We are blessed.

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