Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy Sunday!

This morning, as we were getting most of the family ready for church, it was noticed that Timmy had pulled his nasal canula out. Now, that could be a cause for concern, but when Jen noticed it, she looked at the oximeter. Timmy's O2 levels were in the mid 80s - the normal high he reaches. So, we left the canula off for a few minutes, allowed him a brief break from that tube, and took some pictures of his sweet face without the tube. If only he had decided to smile. Oh well, here they are:

Just relaxing without my oxygen tube.

A little tired.

Starting to get agitated by a coughing fit coming on.

Photo shoot over! (But still terribly cute)

Anyway, we have enjoyed a few slow weeks around the house. A kid or two came down with a stomach bug at the end of the week - hopefully they are done and no one else catches it.
We have an appointment with the cardiologist on Friday. We are continuing to pray for healing for Timmy's heart, and are hoping for some good news from the cardiologist, but remain grateful for each new day to share with Timmy here at home.
Some days are longer than others, and sometimes we wonder how long we will have the strength to keep up with this level of care on top of homeschooling the rest of the bunch, but we praise God for the strength to meet each day and the little breaks that we get to recharge our batteries and keep carrying on. 
In the midst of all of it, there is still nothing like a half hour break to sit and hold my boy and enjoy all the blessings God has given.

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