Thursday, January 18, 2018

Timmy Feeding Update

Sometimes, these Timmy updates are written to keep track ourselves of where we are at. While you all will enjoy the Timmy pic, and some of you may enjoy seeing what preparing his food entails, this post is mostly a record of where we are at with Timmy's food preparation.

Timmy's had a cold, so his nose and face are in rough shape, but that smile still comes through.

Today, I started with 8 scrambled eggs (this is 4 days worth of his main food)

Added a can of spinach (yes, fresh is better, but canned is easier to store and the garden is dead for a few months here)

Added around 20 ounces of cooked carrots (and the 3/4 cup of cooking liquid)

6 Tbsp of molasses

I also added 3 scoops of evaporated goat milk powder, 1 tsp of salt, and some powdered ginger.
Blended it well, then added 2 cans of Thai coconut milk (the stuff for cooking with)

It gets run through a strainer to remove any chunks, the squeasy bottle gets filled, and the rest gets put into ice cube trays to freeze for the coming days. This batch yielded about a 4 day supply of food.

When the food was finished, I mixed up his fruit smoothie:
3 bananas, 2 cans of pears canned in pear juice (drained), a handful o f frozen peaches, and a can of coconut milk.  This also yielded about a 4 day supply of fruit. From beginning to end, the food production took just over an hour (time savings by making both types of food at the same time), and will have to be repeated twice in an average week. We have trimmed a lot of time off of how long it takes to prepare his foods, yet still don't seem to have any more time. :) 

His fruit feeds stay pretty constant in terms of the recipe, but the main food gets mixed up with different proteins and other vegetables from time to time. He gets about 450 mls of food a day, and 270 mls of fruit smoothie a day. He also gets 60+ mls of bone broth and some water or tea some days, and every other day, a little bit of aloe juice. Aside from throwing up due to mucus from his cold, he seems to be tolerating his food really well on this, and we are working to up his foods a little at a time.

Sorry for the slightly boring post, but it helps us track where we are and what we are doing for Timmy.

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