Thursday, August 31, 2017

Time for the bi-weekly update! ;)

First, the picture. Right before this picture, Timmy rolled from his back, onto his stomach and continued right over onto his back again, then up on his side to look under the couch. Even with the wires and tubes, he's getting to find his way around.

Something really interested him under there. Jeremiah found a couple of his plastic balls under the couch, so we think those may have been the culprits.

He's continuing to do better sitting up and playing, playing on his stomach, and making babbling sounds closer and closer to words. All good news as far as his therapy is concerned.

The VNA nurse that stopped by today could not believe how good he looks. (We already knew he looked really good - such a handsome fellow!) She also weighed him and his weight has hit an all time high. He had lost a little weight over the course of the last month as we have been transitioning to a blended diet. Partially, that is a common occurrence when changing over from formula to real foods, and partially, we were still learning how to get his calories in the volume of food he could tolerate. 

On that front: even more good news. After meeting with the dietitian and nutritionist again, we realized we had a few big steps to take to get calorie counts up there. We are still working on the adjustments, but we submitted one of our blends to the dietitian to check over and we got a big thumbs up. She said our feeds were just what Timmy needs to continue to grow and develop. She also said she checked in on the blog and feels our post on preparing blenderized diets would make a good start of a YouTube video series on preparing blended foods for g-tube patients. We'll leave all that for someone else, but are grateful for the vote of confidence from the professionals. We have a great team of Doctors, nurses and professionals working with us with Timmy. We hear stories of other families struggling with the caregivers for their little ones, and we are more that appreciative for the team we have. God has been very good, and we are glad.

The only down side currently is that Timmy isn't sleeping super well at night, so we are again low on sleep around here. Such a small complaint with all that we have seen and been through, but your prayers are appreciated.

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